Jane Meredi

I had always wanted to be a singer since I was a child. I would sit glued to Young Talent Time (that is showing my age) every Saturday …… sadly that childhood dream became lost with the demands of adulthood.

I continued to fantasize about whether I could sing and had always promised myself (like many of us do) that I would one day take singing lessons. Many times I had tried to call teachers but to my surprise I became too nervous to follow it through.

I moved to Noosa to commence a business and one sunny Sunday afternoon a duo was singing outside my store. I was so inspired by the singer’s voice that I approached her and asked if she knew of a singing teacher…. Of course this was Sue Bond and I took lessons straight away.

Sue not only taught me to sing she increased my self confidence in all aspects of my life.

I would say to anyone who is thinking of taking lessons with Sue, expect a warm and caring teacher who will encourage and allow you to realize your highest potential in a friendly but very professional manner.

Sue’s greatest attribute (after her amazing voice) is her passion for singing.